Monday, December 1, 2008

The Leader

In a very short time later, our country would held 2009 general election from the data I collect, our country have 87 parties that have been registered on department of law an human right and for the next 2009 general election 34 parties will complete to get the leadership chairs.

Our question…

Would they’ll be a qualify leader that can make a brand new change and transformation?...or…
They’ll only think for their own benefit?

Words without prove, promise without commitment and enticing with a temporary development

What should an ideal leader must have ?
(it’s just for electing a good leader, but also to develop our skill and potential to be an ideal leader)

Generally an ideal leader must have from my opinion:

  1. Vision : Good leader create a vision, a picture of the future of where they want to take their leadership
  2. Inspiration : Once a vision is established, great leaders can inspire everyone in their leadership
  3. Strategy : Strategic leaders are clear and directly face the strengths and weaknesses of their own leadership as well as their external opportunities and threats, they think in terms of leverage
  4. Tactic : Good leaders are bottom line oriented and extraordinarily committed to result, they thrive on facts, figures, numbers and data
  5. Focus : once vision and mission are established, good leaders achieve what they set out to do before launching new initiatives
  6. Decisive : Sometimes shooting from the hip, good leaders can make decisions quickly often with an incomplete data or worst situation
  7. Ethical : Good leaders are direct and straight forward, they set clear performance expectations and hold people accountable this requires being direct and truthful, which can be difficult but…more often than not…is natural for the principle based leader. Good leaders know it’s hard to beat the truth and stay in their commitment

There are a few things in my opinion, what criteria of an ideal leader should have

First : A qualify leader are aware of their particular talents and strengths and require that there actions be consistent with their most deeply felt values and believe, have the capacity to put themselves in another persons place and have the knowledge skills and experience required to complete transformation.

Second : A leader must provide enough flexibility to make changes, they capture the lessons learned from successful models emerging elsewhere and they can use limited resources creatively to affect change

Third : A leader must listen but also initiate, proactive and pragmatic problem solver, they learn from failure, understanding the limitations of their work

Fourth : A leader must admit mistakes and they don’t hesitate to ask for advice, they show a commitment to practical action.

And what criteria should our future country leaders have?

According to me, an ideal leader should not have any selfish interest and specific agenda of his own, he should work towards the welfare of the people by whom he is chosen to represent them.
Leader should be honest whit a focus on good government and ensuring a non corrupt government, he should providing his citizens with good infrastructure education and health facilities also for the future requirements of the country.

Finally an ideal leader that our country need is someone that in any circumstance he should not be elected based on his fame money, status or campaigns with celebrities instead, it must be based on what he has done for the people, his academic qualification and his vision for the country

Article sent by Rendy (SMK Ganesa Depok)

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