Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Leader (2)

Year 2008 is the year that has most important mean because it’s coincided with the exact 10 years of reformation and 100 years of national rising.

Two political events that influence enough for the process of Indonesian people, This event has formed national awareness for Indonesian peoples and at the time also asserted back the collective goal of this nation however 10 years reformation has been proceeded we’ve not yet found the transformation which is basic especially that connected with economical development, social and political

Learning from experience

For this whole time the governance and leadership was selected from electoral that we believe it is democratic enough, how ever it was come from capital fraction that supported from external funds. The winning is planned with a democratic design system that oligarchic that won’t let the possibility of the new progressive power appearance, they take part in giving logistic aid, political support and propaganda to the nation leader to have the authority, so it is very national when someone can be a leader he left his campaign promises for behind and getting closer with outside importance that play role for the back ground of his winning.

So it’s not close the change of possibility that will decrease the number of neutral participant for next general election that public skepticism can we see trough by inclination of people trust with political party and house of representatives that more and more drop off because they’re marked as a delegation that more oligarchy, corrupt, un ethical and opportunist.

And how is the ideal leader of Indonesia?

Ideal leader for Indonesia, is a leader that has a vision, ability, and capability of thinking strategically and able to do his strategy by partnering every one at one relation to respect and honor each other, this land of leadership is kind that accordance with social.

I See our nation really need a strong figure – leader, a leader that not only has a criteria of leadership generally or fulfilled formal condition, as mentions ion the law and regulation but, more than that.

The main thing he must patriotism a leader that have a courage to sacrifice own life, a hero, visionary, honest for the sake of peoples, nation and state importance.

A leader that able and have a courage to face, deal and solve all of the nation problem according with basic valve of country and constitution.

A leader that obey with constitution also has and capable to defend his massive vision without been distorted or influenced with issue and pressure of any certain group.

A leadership is a character that given by god

A leader is not come only from the high of same one educational level, because it is not impossible if someone not has a high educational status but has the high leadership skill.

However it limited on the comprehension of formal science, a leadership not also can be learned or born alone in someone self because a character needs development.

Writen by : Rendy – SMK Ganesha Depok

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