Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Story Of Job Interview (2)

Ok we back again to the conversations, Livi has arrived to the third floor, she meets the receptionist there.

Hint :
Livi : L
Miss Nina : N
Miss Citra : C

L : Good morning, Miss

N : Good morning, what can I do for you?

L : I’d like to see Mr. Bagus the personnel manager

N : Oh..are you Miss Livi, the applicant for the quality controller position?

L : Yes, that’s correct

N : Wait a moment, please. Let me call Miss Citra, secretary to the personnel manager

(riiing..riing, phone conversation Miss Citra and Miss Nina)

N : Hello, is that Miss Citra

C : Yes, who is speaking, please?

N : This is the receptionist. I want to let you know that Miss Livi wishes to see Mr. Bagus this morning.

C : Yes, we are expecting her. Please tell him that she should come to see me First.

N : Thank you, Miss Citra

(Phone closed, back to Miss Nina and Miss Livi conversation)

N : Miss Livi, Mr. Bagus’s secretary is expecting you. Her office is on the second floor

L : I’d be glad to go to her office, but can you tell me how to get there?

N : Sure, take the elevator, get out at the second floor, go to the left, turn right at the first corner, she is in room 202

L : I see, thank you very much, I am sure I can find her.

Livi meets Miss Citra in the second floor, she ask to Miss Citra about Mr. Bagus

L : Good morning, My name is Livi. I have an appointment to see Mr. Bagus.

C : Good morning, Miss Livi, I am miss Citra, Mr. Bagus’s secretary, please sit down, Mr. Bagus has just stepped out of his office, but he’ll be back soon.

L : I see, I’d appreciate it very much if you would tell me if there is anything I should do before the interview begins.

C : Yes. What you have to do first is to fill out this application form, and give it
back to me,…OK?

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