Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Story Of Job Interview

Friends, this is an example of interview, it’s all about the job seeker conversation, we hope it’s can be guides, helps and inspire you to prepare your next interview in English, here the situations :

Livi has an appointment to interviewed by the personnel manager PT. Straight Shortcuts, of course for the first time she has ask an office security guard for information about the office location of PT. Straight Shortcuts.

Hint :
- Livi (L)
- The Security (S)

L : Good morning, is this PT. Straight Shortcuts office in this building?

S : Good morning, yes it is, can I help you?

L : Yes, I’m looking for the personnel manager, can you tell me where his office is?

S : Hm…May I see your identity card?

L : of course! Here you are

S : Have you made an appointment?

L : Yes, I have

S : All right, the personnel office is on the second floor, but go to the third floor and see the receptionist there first.

L : Has, Mr. Bagus arrived yet?

S : Well, up to 30 minutes ago he hadn’t, but since then I have been on break and I have only just returned.

L : I See, well you’ve been very helpful. Thank you, see you later.

S : Don’t mention it! I’ll keep your identity card until you leave the building

Livi is an applicant for the quality controller, she 23 years old and she graduated from university of Garuda majoring food Technology.

Ok we back again to the conversations, Livi has arrived to the third floor, she meets the receptionist there.
-To be continued-

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