Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Story Of Job Interview (3)

Hint :
Livi : L
Miss Citra : C
Mr Bagus : B

After Livi fill the whole of the application form, she brings it to miss Citra

L : here you are, if there any mistake, please let me know

C : ok, Mr. Bagus isn’t back yet, so please wait in the waiting room if you don’t mind

L : Thank You, but I want to wash my hands first, it wont be aminute

C : Take your time. The rest room is at the far end of the corridor

Livi has returned from the rest room, and ask to Miss Citra

L : Has Mr. Bagus returned yet?

C : Yes, he has. He is ready to see you now. Go right in please!

L : Thanks

Knock…knock, The dors opened

L : Excuse me, Mr. Bagus. May I come in?

B : Of Course..please sit down, Miss Livi, how are you today?

L : fine, thank you

B : Well miss Livi, from yor application form, I see that you are still single and living with your parents. You were born and and grew up in Depok. Is that correct?

L : Yes that right

B : Please tell me why you are interested in working with this company?

L : I want to work in quality control, and the vacancy you advertised in the newspaper is in the line with the subject I majored in at the university.

B : What did you major in?

L : I Majored in food technology, including food preservation, and food quality control

B : I think it’s enough for now, but please keep in touch with miss Citra who will give you detailed schedule of your coming interviews.

Livi is going out from the Mr Bagus’s room, she meets miss Citra there, Miss Citra say that the next schedule of Livi is interview with the Research and Development Manager, his name is Mr. Purba

To be Continued –

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"budhe Fakhrun Musriati" said...

Nice story...
haha.. cuci tangan dulu untuk merapikan jilbab dan meyakinkan diri yach.. jadi makin penasaran nich..

Ditunggu lanjutan pertemuan Non Lili ma P'Purba yach..

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